McGowan Labor Government to finish the job at Collie Hospital

  • McGowan Government will provide an extra $12.2 million to give Collie Hospital the improvements it desperately needs
  • Liberal-Nationals funded less than half of the required work; McGowan Government to finish the job

Collie Hospital will be given the comprehensive $20 million upgrade it requires to bring it up to a modern standard under a McGowan Labor Government.

The commitment comes after the Barnett Government dragged its feet over eight years of talk and no action, in the end only funding 39 per cent of the necessary work.

Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray said the extra $12.2 million would be over and above the $7.8 million of works currently underway.

Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook said Collie Hospital had been sorely neglected over eight years of Liberal-National Government, with years of delays culminating in less than half the job being funded.

Mr Murray said the Royalties for Regions-funded hospital spend was an example of WA Labor’s commitment to fully maintain the program but spend it wisely on the priorities that matter like health, education and jobs.

Comments from Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray:

“The Liberal-Nationals have done less than half the job. A McGowan Labor Government will spend an extra $12.2 million to bring Collie Hospital up to the required standard.

“I spent a bit of time there myself a year or so ago and let me tell you, the hospital needs some serious work.

“The facilities are outdated and well below the requirements for an area as important as public health.

“There are many areas of the hospital that will benefit from this funding to improve treatment for patients

“The current, still-unfinished works are a start – but 39 per cent of the job does not cut the mustard. A McGowan Government will fund the full upgrade to make sure the hospital can serve the community well into the future.

“These upgrades will provide much-needed construction jobs in the local area, providing a boost to small business and the local economy.”

Comments from Shadow Health Minister Roger Cook:

“All West Australians deserve a quality public health system – regardless of where they live.

“The Barnett Government has delayed and delayed on these upgrades and that has been to the real detriment of Collie people who have had to spend time at the hospital.

“This is about priorities. Country people should not be punished for their choice to live in the regions. A McGowan Labor Government is committed to making sure country people are given the health system they deserve.”