Donnybrook-Balingup tourism investment to create local jobs

  • $2 million for new Donnybrook town centre heritage precinct and museum showcasing the history of the apple industry
  • $200,000 upgrade of Balingup Town Hall to modernise facility and create opportunities for new events and functions
  • $25,000 for Golden Valley Tree Park and $30,000 for  Donnybrook – Western Tourist Radio
  • New tourism strategies for Australind service and cruise ship market to build on region’s strengths

A new $2 million town centre heritage precinct and museum showcasing the history of the Donnybrook apple industry will be built by a McGowan Labor Government to complement the existing Apple Fun Park and keep tourists in the region longer.

The historic Balingup Town Hall will be upgraded with a $200,000 commitment to modernise the facility and create opportunities for new events and functions.

Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray said creating new tourism opportunities with Donnybrook-Balingup’s unsung local assets would be a major focus of a McGowan Labor Government, helping to diversify the economy and create jobs.

Mr Murray said WA Labor would work to draw tourists inland to visit Collie-Preston’s undersold attractions by working with the tourism industry to create day-trip packages to bring cruise ship passengers inland and by slashing travel times on the Australind train service.

A McGowan Labor Government will invest $25,000 on new facilities at Golden Valley Tree Park and $30,000 in Donnybrook – Western Tourist Radio.

Comments from Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray:

“The new $2 million heritage precinct and apple museum is the next step for Donnybrook tourism. It will link with and compliment the Apple Fun Park, keeping tourists in the CBD longer, supporting small business and creating local jobs.

“The Apple Fun Park was an excellent investment to attract young families into the region. The new town centre upgrades will broaden the appeal of the area, particularly to the ‘grey nomad’ caravan tourists who come and eat lunch, visit the pub, get a coffee – all of those purchases add up to benefit small business and create jobs.

“The Balingup Town Hall needs an upgrade to bring it up to a more modern standard. A McGowan Labor government will spend $200,000 to ensure the facility is significantly improved for the regular events and meetings it hosts – and to provide opportunities for new events and functions.

“Europeans like travelling by train and we need to improve that experience for backpackers and other tourists coming into the region. By slashing the travel time by about 40 minutes and tying specific tourism packages into areas like Donnybrook and Balingup we will make sure we maximise that tourist dollar and grow local employment opportunities.

“The cruise ship market in the South West has been sorely neglected by the Liberal-National Government. We will engage with cruise ship operators to create day-trip packages to bring tourists beyond the usual coastal spots to make use of our undersold local attractions.

“Donnybrook – Western Tourist Radio is a great local asset deserving of government support to help it grow its presence, working in conjunction with local tourism operators to benefit the broader industry.

“Golden Valley Tree Park is just a terrific asset for Balingup. There is a lot of potential for some upgrades to let locals and visitors to the park have a barbecue or a picnic and enjoy the beautiful location for longer.

“All these projects will create jobs and provide new opportunities for apprenticeships and traineeships in Donnybrook-Balingup.”