Collie TAFE will become a leader in mining industry training under a McGowan Government to support the long-term future of the coal industry.

Shadow Training and Local Jobs Minister Fran Logan announced the major upgrade during a visit to Collie on Monday, saying the improved facility would underpin the town’s coal industry for decades to come.

Mr Logan said the upgrade would lay the foundations for the industry’s future and give Collie’s young people the best shot at securing a job locally by making sure Collie’s mining training was among the best in the state.

He said the best way to get more Collie people into local jobs was to give them the best possible training, bringing them to the top of the companies’ candidate pools by making them fully job-ready.

Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray said there were not enough Collie people employed at the town’s mines, with the Collie TAFE overhaul designed to have a major focus on securing those local jobs for local people.

A McGowan Labor Government will also freeze TAFE fees during its first term to provide some relief from the Liberal-Nationals 510 per cent fee increases.

Comments from Shadow Minister for Training and Local Jobs Fran Logan:

“The Collie coal industry will be here for decades to come so we need to make sure the next generation of local workers get the best possible start in their careers.

“That’s why WA Labor will turn Collie TAFE into a specialist mining training centre.

“There is an absolute wealth of expert mining knowledge in this town. We need to make better use of that for Collie’s next generation of apprentices and trainees.

“It is no accident that I am WA Labor’s Shadow Minister for both Training and Local Jobs - the two go hand in hand. This upgrade will give Collie people the best shot at being able to train locally and then work locally.

Comments from Collie-Preston MLA Mick Murray:

“For too long the coal companies have used the excuse that Collie people aren’t well trained enough to get jobs on the mines. Our major Collie TAFE upgrade will end those excuses and give our kids the best shot at getting a good local job.

“There are simply not enough local people employed at Collie’s mines. We can get more of our young people into those local jobs by giving them the best mining training in the state - right here in town.

“By upgrading Collie TAFE into a specialist training facility we will give our kids the best shot at securing the local jobs they deserve.

“The Collie coal industry will still be around for decades. A McGowan Government will set up Collie TAFE to work alongside the industry, support local training and bring our jobs back to local people.